KPCA Committees

The KPCA has many committees, or focus groups, that tend to specific community needs. If you would like more information about any of the committees or would like to volunteer your time and talents, please contact us. CLICK HERE. 

Chairpersons: Linda Henninger and Kathie Plant
The KPCA Beautification Committee is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and pride of our community.
The committee goals are:
To promote pride in the Kings Park community by enhancing and beautifying public properties.
To attract community involvement in beautification efforts.
To arouse awareness of civic pride in our residents.

Code Enforcement
Chairperson: Sean Lehmann
The KPCA's Code Enforcement committee handles concerns regarding building safety and adherence to town codes and ordinances.

Community Events
The Community Events committee takes responsibility for planning and participation in events scheduled to be held in Kings Park.
Community Service
Chairperson:Linda Henninger
The Community Service Committee is charged with the responsibility to enhance community outreach with the public-at-large by promoting volunteerism and civic engagement.

Community Watch
Chairperson:  Pat McKeon
This committee is responsible for referring quality of life and criminal activity issues raised by Kings Park residents to local law enforcement officials. The committee chairperson maintains communication with the 4th precinct SCPD.
Concert Series
Chairperson:Carol Kelly
This committee plans and organizes our Main Street concert series which highlights local talent. The committee also works on laying the groundwork for what will eventually be the Kings Park Arts Coalition.

Downtown Revitalization
Chairpersons:  Sean Lehmann and Jack Hessell    
The Downtown Revitalization Committee's mission is to network with local government officials, business representatives and other KPCA committees to help revitalize and enhance the Kings Park downtown business district.

The Education Committee keeps are members informed on current happenings in the Kings Park School District. The committee functions in an advocacy capacity and collects residents concerns and ideas which are then forwarded to school district representatives.

Farmers Market
Chairpersons:Alyson Elish-Swartz
This committee works with the market manager, the Town of Smithtown and the local community in providing a safe and prosperous farmer's market. The committee also organizes market fundraisers for local not-for-profits and organizes market food drives. Community feedback is welcome.



The Fundraising Committee supports and coordinates the raising of money for KPCA events and programs through grants and fundraising activities.
Industrial Area
The Industrial Area Committee works with land owners along the Old Northport and Townline Road corridors as well as local government officials and the Department of Environmental Conservation to seek resolutions to resident's concerns and enforce local codes. The KPCA advocates for a "consistant zoning" plan for this area which could revitalize, attract investment, create jobs and help increase our tax base.

Chairperson:Gail Hessell  
The Library Committee provides general information on the library budget, library board elections and library projects.

The Membership Committee shall be charged with the advancement and retention of membership in the KPCA, including but not limited to providing members information through electronic and/or printed means. This committee will also be responsible for collection of KPCA members "list of concerns" on their KPCA membership form.

Nisseqougue River State Park Foundation
The NRSPF committee reports on fundraising, park projects and various activities of the Nissequogue State Park Foundation.

Nissequogue River State Park/ Former KPPC
Chairperson: Sean Lehmann
This Committee works with local, county and state officials regarding the future plans for the Nissequogue River State Park/ former state hospital property.

Parks and Environment
Chairperson:  Dorothy Chanin    
This committee is charged with the examination and interaction of all environmental issues that affects the Kings Park community. The committee also works with local town, county and state agencies to keep our parks safe, clean and an asset to our community.

Chairperson:  Laura McKeon
This committee is responsible for establishing qualifications for KPCA funded scholarships, communicating with the Scholarship Cordinator at the Kings Park High School, and selecting a winner from the submitted applications. The committee chairperson presents the scholarship at the Awards Ceremony held at the high school each June. 

Traffic and Transportation
Chairperson: Frank Mercuri
This committee deals with issues regarding infrastructure, traffic and pedestrian safety on our town, county and state roads.

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The purpose of the Zoning Committee is to promote zoning and the enforcement of zoning that support the needs of the community and the purpose and goals of the KPCA.

Kings Park Civic Association